I have an offer

You have an offer. What is next?

You need to:

  • respond to your offer,
  • meet conditions and provide documents to confirm your offer,
  • find out about visas.

How to respond to your offer?

To accept your offer, you need to

Send us an email no later than the date indicated in your offer. The email should:

  • Indicate your acceptance of the offer
  • Provide a copy of your passport (non-EU/EEA nationals)
  • Include a proof of payment of your Registration fee with a bank transfer to the Program Bank Account (Further details of payment will be enclosed with the offer).

Registration fee:  € 500   or

 € 4000 (if requested by the Consular Office of the student’s country)

The registration fee is non-refundable.

We ask that you send us your email no later than the date indicated in your offer, if possible. If you are not able to submit the form within this time, please inform us by email so you do not lose your offer.

To decline your offer

We regret that you have decided not to accept your place at the MA in Politics and Economics of Contemporary Eastern and South-Eastern Europe. We wish you all the best with your future plans. Please inform us of your decision by email.

I wish to defer my offer to next year

You will need to submit an email requesting deferral no later than the date indicated in your offer.

You can request to defer your studies for one year only. If you are not able to start your studies the following year you would need to reapply.

If your deferral is agreed

If your deferral is granted, you will need to send us an email with a proof of payment of your Registration fee with a bank transfer to the Program Bank Account (as indicated in the offer).

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Accommodation is an important consideration while you are living away from home.

University of Macedonia is not a campus University and due to the shortage of housing, a majority of the students are accommodated off campus. This is not so cheap option, so sharing with fellow students helps to decrease the cost.

Private Housing

Students who come to Thessaloniki must look for a room in the private market. When you reach University, you will find, as in most universities, boards plastered with notices for flat-shares and room lets. You can also consult local newspapers for adverts or refer to Broker’s offices, which have lists of apartments of rent in Thessaloniki. Keep in mind that you also will be required to pay a deposit of one month’s rent when you start renting the apartment.

Here are few handy tips to follow when you are looking for accommodation:


Student dormitories of the University of Macedonia are located in Nea Krini, approximately 8 km far away from the University. There is a bus connection (buses 5 and 6).

The applications for the dormitories are open in September of each year. The accommodation is available from November. If you are interested in applying for the University Dormitory, you need to provide your own accommodation for the period from September to November that your application is processed.

Together with your application, you need to submit:

- Two photos

- Certificate of enrolment in the Program

- Copy of your ID or passport

- Certificate of your permanent address in your home country

- Document with names of all your family members that live at the same address

- Certificate on the family income for the previous economic year.

(Note: The last three certificates should be translated into Greek by an official interpreter)

The deadline for the applications will be announced on the official website of the University. However, we suggest that you inform us in advance if you are interested in this arrangement.

Hotels (for short term accommodation)

Hotel is a common type of accommodation for short-term requirements. It is a good choice when lodging has not been found yet or in case you arrive outside the office hours without having informed us in advance. There is a wide variety of hotels to suit you.

Financial support

The programme offers financial aid to international students with a strong academic record in a form of tuition fee waivers (one part of the fees). This kind of scholarship is awarded at the end of June/ beginning of July to the students that have already accepted the offer (you need to apply for the Programme). There is no additional application for it. You need to mention in the statement of purpose of the application form that you are interested in the scholarship. 

Also, a limited number of tuition fees waivers, per semester, are available for students with excellent results in semester exams (January and May).

However, we strongly advise our applicants to look for scholarships from foundations that could cover your tuition fees and living expenses (i.e. www.iky.gr, Greek Embassy in your country, etc.)

If you need to apply for a visa

For students and citizens from the European Union is not necessary to have a student visa to enter Greece. However, a valid passport or ID is, of course, necessary.

If you are a non EU citizen you need a student visa. For more information on student visa please visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Student Resident's Permit

Upon your arrival you need to apply for a Student Resident's Permit from the Alien's Bureau (1 Taki Oikonomidi Str., 54008 Thessaloniki, Τel: +30 2313 309202, +30 2313 309207, +30 2313 309423, Fax: +30 2313 309205, +30 2313 309139, +30 2313 309423, Email: dam-the@damt.gov.gr). You can get the list of documents needed for the application at the Graduate Secretary of the Program. However, we advise you to visit the Bureau personally and get information on the procedure.


Students coming from a non-Greek university are required, to submit their degree documents to Δ.Ο.Α.Τ.Α.Π. (The National Academic Recognition Information Center) www.doatap.gr immediately upon their enrolment in the Program.

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