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Study the politics and economics of Eastern and Southeastern Europe in one of the region's most lively cities. 

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Why the MA in Politics and Economics?

The MA in the Politics and Economics of Contemporary Eastern and South Eastern Europe -one of the very few postgraduate programmes with English as language of instruction in Greece- is a thriving, interdisciplinary, area studies programme focusing on the interaction between politics and economics within the social and institutional context of the region. Hence, it draws on a multicultural educational environment with students coming from all around the world and with different educational background. The programme covers a wide array of topics offered through a wide choice of courses drawing on the main disciplines of social science, namely political science (politics and public policy), economics, social and political anthropology, international law, and cultural studies. In that respect, it offers a critical and multidisciplinary analysis of all current issues in the region, such as the politics and economics of transition, EU integration and domestic reform, ethnic conflicts and security problems, human rights and migration crises, international law, business and trade in Eastern and South Eastern Europe.

Research seminars (tutorials) are held regularly and students have the opportunity to present their (ongoing) work and receive comments/get feedback from members of faculty. Additionally, guest/invited lectures are offered on a regular basis by academics, diplomats, politicians, businessmen and journalists with experience and knowledge of CE/SE Europe & Balkans regions.

Finally, and most importantly, selected/qualified students have also the opportunity to continue/pursue their studies further at the university of Bamberg, one of the best universities of southern Germany, in the framework of the exchange scheme of our double Master's programme with the university of Bamberg. The double Master's programme has been running with great success over the last five years and constitutes a crucial asset for our MA programme.


An interdisciplinary approach

Our flexible curriculum facilitates you in achieving the disciplinary blend that best fits your preferences. Our distinguished faculty covers a range of disciplines, from political science and economics to international relations and anthropology.

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